Best Django and Tech Links of Jan 2018

Written by Anton Terry
Published on 15 Feb 2018

Our developers share cool links with each other – about Django, Python or web stuff. Every few weeks, we share them with you.

  • This is an interesting and very nerdy blog post, with the clearest overview of Python’s descriptor and method-binding magic I’ve ever read: Object models
  • Despite being fans of REST APIs, this article is an excellent outline ...

Greg appointed to the Django Code of Conduct Committee

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 15 May 2015

Since the beginning of Interaction Consortium, many things have changed – people come and go and the company has shifted offices as we grew – but one of the things that has remained constant is IC’s core values.

Anyone who works with IC knows there are a strong set of values that drive the company, whether or not they’ve ever ...

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