Two things your museum CRM must be

Written by Dr Greg Turner
Published on 4 Jul 2017

Simplicity is the hallmark of a great Customer Relationship Management system. Put fancy features lists, bells and whistles to one side because a CRM only needs to be two things: easy to use and easy for external systems to talk to.


If your museum has never had a CRM, it’s easy to be tempted by CRM vendor’s checklists ...

Does your museum need Tessitura?

Written by Dr Greg Turner
Published on 29 Jun 2017

That’s not such an easy thing to answer. Let us explain why. I was at Museums and the Web 2015, commiserating with staff from a few small museums who didn't have a way to sell tickets online. A speaker mentioned that their (major) museum sold tickets using Tessitura. The person next to me (from a small art museum ...

Does your museum need a CRM?

Written by Dr Greg Turner
Published on 27 Jun 2017

Every customer relationship management system (CRM) we’ve met at IC falls down at the most crucial moment: when someone wants to give the museum money.

That’s because what makes a good museum CRM is very different from what makes a good museum ecommerce experience. One is about understanding you, your data and business needs; the other is about ...

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