How Can the Wardley Value Chain Mapping Method Help Your Startup?

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 18 Aug 2018

Geneticist turned CEO Simon Wardley uses his copious research skills to craft better ways his company can strategize and develop. One of his favorite methods of tracking current processes and forecasting their development can help your startup, too. His take on value chain mapping turns  a simple flowchart creation into a tool for organizational learning and change, as well as ...

Agile Development

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 1 May 2018

What is Agile?
The ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.

Agile Development isn't new, it's been around since at least the mid-1990s, so you've probably heard of it. But although many people agree with the idea of Agile, we've found that very ...

Curious about GLAMkit?

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 27 Apr 2017

If you've been reading about our GLAMkit platfom for cultural websites for a while, but you want to see more – then we have good news for you!

Greg's made a screencast which gives you a whistle-stop tour of the current version of GLAMkit. Check it out!

Interested in using GLAMkit for your next website? Get in touch and ...

Future of Content Management - Redux

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 14 Mar 2017

Back in 2015, we wrote a series of blogs called "The Future of Content Management". It was an analytic survey of then-current trends in content management systems (CMS) in the collective opinion of digital agency people, CMS designers and content architects.

It holds up pretty well. Many of the future trends at the time are still underway, though some of ...

How to make sure your startup idea is right

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 5 Oct 2017

The Lean Startup Build-Measure-Learn process, described on the lean startup website, is the key to how to make sure your startup idea is right. Startups carry out the cycle quickly and thoroughly to refine the idea for a product into something actual customers want to buy.


Before any building, the entrepreneur comes up with a tentative idea for a ...

Innovation, Startups & Being an Entrepreneur (or Intrapreneur)

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 15 May 2018

Good ideas power the world. But a good idea isn't enough to create change in the world. To create something new, something world-changing, a new idea has to take a form that fits the needs of enough people. Ideally, at least in a business, enough people who want to pay for it!

Technology and startup culture has transformed the ...

Is mobile eating the world? (and what should we do about it?)

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 15 Jun 2017

Ben Evans works for venture capital firm Andreesen-Horowitz and writes about technology futures.

His "Mobile Is Eating The World" presentation (which he updates every year), remains fascinating because – even though we don't think of mobiles as a new technology anymore – their increasing market penetration enables all kinds of other trends.

Ben's post is here.

Watch his most recent ...

Launching: Sydney Craft Week

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 20 Sep 2017

… Sydney Craft Week is a ten-day festival celebrating the beauty of the handmade and the pleasure of making, bringing together Sydney’s contemporary craft community in a city-wide festival for the very first time.

Screenshots on various devices of a Sydney Craft Week event page

We're really proud when we get to launch big, complex sites, but it's even more fun and just as interesting to do small projects ...

Launching: Tarnanthi

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 27 Sep 2017

TARNANTHI returns in 2017, presenting the art of Australia’s oldest living culture on an unprecedented scale. A platform for artists from across the country to share important stories, TARNANTHI sheds new light on contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

One of the best things about websites for art museums is the imagery. Every website benefits from great content ...

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