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    SFMOMA site launched!

    Pili Mitchell | 29 October 2015

    It’s been many months of hard work in the making, and in the hearts and imaginations of some, many years. The day is finally here when we can announce the launch of SFMOMA’s new website. Cue well-earned cheering and fanfare.

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    Dr Greg Turner | 12 October 2015

    Benjamin Loomes is a man who makes his living from sound. He’s a classically-trained musician, composer, sound designer, and on top of that has a huge passion for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Given his diverse background, Ben saw a need for sound design for role-playing games. He reasoned that people wouldn’t watch a movie without sound effects or music, or play a video game on mute, so why would they play role-playing games without sound?

    The seed was planted for Syrinscape, a sound player app that provides ambient background sounds and music to table-top, role-playing games.

    Benjamin and his team wanted an app that would deliver exceptional sound quality seamlessly across platforms like tablet, mobile, and desktop. The app would create ambience by playing SoundSets, chosen in advance of game play by the Game Master. SoundSets are curated groups of four to five original music pieces and up to 200 sound effects, intended to enhance a specific scene or encounter, like battling a dragon or entering a medieval town. The app should be unobtrusive, so the controls had to be simple and easy to click during a game, and it would generate new combinations of sounds and music constantly, stopping only when the Game Master made a change.

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  • SyDjango meetup September 2015

    Pili Mitchell | 2 October 2015

    Last week we hosted one of our largest SyDjango meetups so far. We’re proud to announce that Matt Stevenson, one of the IC’s very own devs, has taken the reins as organiser. We suspect the stellar turnout was at least in part due to his magnetic personality.

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