Future of Content Management - Redux

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 14 Mar 2017

Back in 2015, we wrote a series of blogs called "The Future of Content Management". It was an analytic survey of then-current trends in content management systems (CMS) in the collective opinion of digital agency people, CMS designers and content architects.

It holds up pretty well. Many of the future trends at the time are still underway, though some of ...

Should you be worried about CloudBleed?

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 1 Mar 2017

You might have noticed a security bug called "CloudBleed" on news services or social media over the weekend. What exactly is it? Does it affect you or your website visitors? What do you do about it?

What happened?

The issue concerns a service called CloudFlare which provides a "content distribution" service to many websites. This gives them better performance, reliability ...

Who hired that guy? 6 ways the wrong CMS is like your shittiest co-worker

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 12 Apr 2016

For argument’s sake, let’s call him Josh. You know Josh. He plays Two Dots on his phone whenever his manager is in a meeting. He sends you NSFW emails that you unwittingly open just as the CEO is walking up behind you. He should have been fired ages ago, but they keep him around because they figure the ...

SFMOMA site launched!

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 29 Oct 2015

It’s been many months of hard work in the making, and in the hearts and imaginations of some, many years. The day is finally here when we can announce the launch of SFMOMA’s new website. Cue well-earned cheering and fanfare.

This is a project of which we’re incredibly proud. SFMOMA is a big international institution that is ...


Written by Dr Greg Turner
Published on 12 Oct 2015

Benjamin Loomes is a man who makes his living from sound. He’s a classically-trained musician, composer, sound designer, and on top of that has a huge passion for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Given his diverse background, Ben saw a need for sound design for role-playing games. He reasoned that people wouldn’t watch a movie ...

SyDjango meetup September 2015

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 2 Oct 2015

Last week we hosted one of our largest SyDjango meetups so far. We’re proud to announce that Matt Stevenson, one of the IC’s very own devs, has taken the reins as organiser. We suspect the stellar turnout was at least in part due to his magnetic personality.

The meetup was a big hit with some great talks targeted ...

PyconAU 2015

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 14 Aug 2015

Last month we packed our bags, tied a bow on our office python, Pyklet, and headed to sunny Brisbane for PyConAU, of which IC was a sponsor.

We kicked off with beer, natch, hosting drinks at the Stock Exchange. We're not sure who they thought we were, but we ended up in a sort of VIP fishbowl room presiding ...

New arts and performance space in Chippendale

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 6 Aug 2015

We’ve already got the White Rabbit Gallery, and now Chippendale - the IC’s hood - is about to get distinctly more GLAM.

Billionaire arts philanthropist and founder of the White Rabbit, Judith Neilson, has just submitted a development application to council to build Phoenix, a $32m arts facility that will combine a traditional gallery with a performance space.

In an ...

Happy 10th Birthday, Django!

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 16 Jul 2015

This month Django turned 10 years old. Django is a Python web framework, and it's the technology behind our CMS, GLAMkit, and all the websites we build.

To celebrate, we ate ice cream cones and thought about how Django has changed our lives. Here's what our founders and some of our developers had to say:

Greg: Django came ...

Woody.tv site launch

Written by Pili Mitchell
Published on 22 May 2015

We recently launched the website for woody.tv, a creator of video campaigns for social impact and change-making projects. Remember the "It’s Time" marriage equality video that went viral a while ago? That was them.

They wanted to start with a simple website that would showcase their videos, so we worked with their in-house designers to build it. But ...

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