Why we prefer Straightforward Billing, and you should too

Written by Dr Alastair Weakley
Published on 16 Nov 2017

Our preferred approach to charging for software development is to charge based on the time we spend. We sell our time in blocks of hours and carefully spend that time working with you to establish, feature by feature, what you actually need to include in your site.

We call this charging style “straightforward billing”.

When we just charge this way ...

Why fixed-price, fixed-scope projects are nearly always a bad idea

Written by Dr Alastair Weakley
Published on 9 Nov 2017

There are lots of reasons why a client might prefer a fixed-price, fixed-scope project. The biggest one is there’s a feeling of security when you set out to buy something and you know exactly what that something is, and how much it will cost.

It’s a bit like when you need a loaf of bread and you have ...

Just Launched: My Saving Grace

Written by Fabian McDonald
Published on 7 Nov 2017

Every so often we  are privileged enough to work on a project that really makes us stop and reflect. And so it was with My Saving Grace, a website exploring the link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

Over three years in the making, the project tells the shocking story of how perpetrators of domestic violence use the bonds people ...

Wealthfront: A Successful Lean Startup

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 2 Nov 2017

Founded in 2009, Wealthfront is a lean startup that lets regular investors have access to highly skilled investment managers. The company currently manages over 200 million US dollars in investments. Additionally, the business successfully meets all the complex regulations required to operate in this domain.

According to this case study, the company has achieved great success using lean startup techniques ...

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